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Burger King Logo - Design and History

The Burger King Company was established by David Edgerton and James McLamore who launched their first restaurant called Insta Burger King on December 4, 1954 in Miami, Florida, USA. During 1989, it was re-branded as Burger King and became internationally known. The original BK corporate logo also referred to as the “Bun Halves” was established in 1969 and lasted till early 1990s. It was a simple logo having the name “Burger King” in red letters sandwiched between two bun halves. In 1994, Burger King modernized its first logo by using a smoother font with rounded edges. By 1999, the company again updated the logo that is a stylized version of the “bun halves” logo. The new logo featuring a blue swirl gives the Burger King logo a circular appearance making it look more contemporary.

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